Task 39
Task 39
SHC Task 39

Polymeric Materials for Solar Thermal Applications

Projects with National and International Funding

SOLPOL 4/5 (start: 2014) 
Financial support: Climate and Energy Funds; Management: Austrian Research Promotion Agency;
Coordinator: Johannes Kepler University - JKU (AT); scientific partners and company partners.

Bio4Sol - Bioplastics for solar applications (2013-15)
Funding: Austrian Klima- und Energiefonds
Partners: University of Leoben, PCCL, Austria

Use of polymeric materials in solar collectors studied from a total cost perspective - Participation in IEA SHC Task 39 (2013-14)
Coordinator: Linnæus University, S; Partners: Aventa AS, N; Fraunhofer ISE, Germany

Investigating manufacturing technology and collector construction of all-polymeric collectors (2012-15)
Funding: Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety
Partners: HAW Ingolstadt (DE), Roth Werke GmbH (DE)

Poly2Facade - Innovative thermal self-regulating solar facades by means of functional polymers (2012-15)
Funding:  Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) "Haus der Zukunft";
Coordinator: University of Leoben; Partners: PCCL, OFPZ Arsenal GesmbH, Forschungszentrum fur integrales Bauwesen AG;

SCOOP - Solar Collectors of Polymers (2011-2015)
Call: EU FP7-ENERGY-2011-1
Coordinator: Fraunhofer ISE (Germany).

Austrian Participation in Phase II of IEA SHC Task 39: Polymeric Materials for Solar Thermal Applications (2011-2014)
Funding: Ministry of Traffic, Innovation and Technology, Austria; Management: Austrian Research Promotion Agency
Coordinator: JKU-Linz; Partner: AEE-INTEC, Subcontractors: AIT, PCCL, UIBK-EGEE (Austria).

ISOlar - Screening of Insulation Materials for Solar Thermal Collectors and Thermal Storages and Analysis of Their Long-Term-Properties (2011-2014)
Funding: FFG (Neue Energien 2020 - Programm)
Coordinator: Austrian Institute of Technology; Partners: TiSUN GmbH, EuroFoam GmbH (Austria).

SILVER - Solar Energy in Living Environments (2011-2014)
Public funding: Research Council of Norway
Coordinator: Aventa AS (N); Partners: OBOS (N), University of Oslo (N), Linæus University (S), Chevron Phillips Chemicals (B) .

UNISOL - Sistema Solar Termico Universal (2011-2014)
Co-financed by the Portuguese Agency for Development and Innovation (ADI-project no. 21507)
Coordinator: Fábrica de Plásticos, Lda (Pt); Partners: Aveiro University (Pt), Oslo University and Aventa AS (N).

POLYSOL - Development of a modular, all-POLYmer SOLarthermal collector for DHW preparation and space heating (2011-2012)
Funded under FP7, Research area: SME-1
Coordinator: Energias Renovables Aplicadas, S.L (Es).; Partners: Centar ZA Plazma Tehnologii Plazma Doo (Mk), Plasticos Alai SA (Es), Solar Tjubs Dooel Prilep Rilp (Mk), Reddiplex Ltd (UK), Clip Technology Ltd (UK), FUNDACION TECNALIA Research & Innovation (Es), The UK Materials Technology Research Institute Ltd (UK), ITW-Stuttgart (D), Fraunhofer ISE (D).

Smart Windows-Smart Collectors (2010-2013)
Funding: Land Steiermark, Zukunftsfonds
Partners: PCCL, University of Leoben, A-P-C (Austria).

SOLPOL-1/2 - Solar Thermal Systems based on Polymeric Materials (2009-2013)
Part 1: Scientific and Methodological Aspects and Economical and Ecological Impact Assessment
Part 2: Development of Novel Collectors and Polymer Compounds
Financial support: Climate and Energy Funds; Management: Austrian Research Promotion Agency;
Coordinator: Johannes Kepler University - JKU (AT); 9 scientific partners, 10 company partners.

PolySol2 - Polymeric materials for solar thermal applications (2008-2011)
Funding: ADEME
Coordinator: CEA-INES.
SolaireDuo - WP 1.2. Polymeric collectors (2009-2011)
Coordinator: Jacques Giordano Industries - Partners : CEA-INES, Clipsol, Pôle Européen de Plasturgie, LPMM

MULTIFUNCOAT - Multifunctional paint coatings for all-polymeric solar collectors (2007-2011)
Funding: Ministry Higher Education, Science and Technology, (Sl); Research Council of Norway (N)
Coordinator: National Institute of Chemistry (Sl); further partners: Aventa (N), COLOR/HELIOS (Sl).

Polymeric Materials in Solar-Thermal Collectors � Requirements Definition, Concept Development and Feasibility Evaluation (2007-2010)
Funding: BMU - Solarthermie 2000plus
Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences (Germany).

Polymers in Solar Thermal Systems (2006-2011)
Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil - SPF (Switzerland).

IEA Task 39: Polymeric Materials for Solar Thermal Applications (2006-2010)
Funding: Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology

Solar Thermal Polymer Collectors with Overheating Protection (2005-2008)
Funding: Land Steiermark, Zukunftsfonds
AEE-INTEC, PCCL (Austria).